What is "notschlock?"
We’ve been asked often why this site exists. The answer is that it is a proactive response to the overall lack of tasteful, hip, un-schlocky Judaica available to the general public. For some folks, the tacky menorahs / hanukkiahs, mezzuzahs, kipot, etc. available out there work just fine, but for others, there’s an aesthetic element missing from the entire visual culture. So, we decided to do something about it, and we’re offering well-designed, youthful Judaica as an alternative to the stuff that’s out there.
Why should we trust you?
We set up this website using Big Cartel, which is a very simple plug-and-play solution for small online shops. It’s free (with limitations), and we used it to keep our overhead low and to get this store up as quickly as possible. Big Cartel has become very popular lately (just check their site), and since notschlock’s only accepted method of payment is PayPal, there’s nothing phishy or scammy about it. We can’t even see your credit card numbers; it doesn’t work that way. It’s secure, easy, and allows you to use whatever payment method you prefer (including just about any credit card), and if you have any questions or concerns, definitely feel free to email us using our contact form.
Do you accept returns?
We’d be happy to refund your purchase in the event that you are not satisfied for any reason. However, we have to receive the item back in the condition in which it was sent, and we cannot be responsible for the cost of return shipping. (Some of our items are fragile, so they may require special care when packing.) Other than that, our goal is to keep you coming back, so we’ll do all that we can.
Why so few items?
Hey come on, give us a break. :) Truthfully, we just started out, and we are planning to add plenty of items as time goes by. A few new projects are in the works and we’ll have more stuff posted as it becomes available. Honest.
I have a not-schlocky Judaica item that I would like to sell. Do you accept submissions?
Sure, we’d be happy to discuss it with you. Contact us using the online form and we’ll go from there!
What forms of payment do you accept?

We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or regular account payments all through PayPal.

How secure is this store?

This store uses PayPal for payments, and PayPal automatically encrypts your confidential information in transit from your computer to ours using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits (the highest level commercially available).

Do I need a PayPal account to purchase from this store?

No, you are not required to have a PayPal account to purchase from this store. Although if you already have a PayPal account you may use it.